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Legion Officers 2013-2014


Gene Olswold
2nd District Commander

Commander:  Gene Olswold
Adjutant:  Alberta Marth-Wohlfeil
1st Vice Commander:  Jennifer Kafka
Vice Commander:  Ryan Hill
Vice Commander:  Martin Caraway
Vice Commander:  Mark Coney
Vice Commander:  Jim Ellis [Temp.]
Mem. Director:  Harvey Noble
Chaplain:  Jim Mertens
Fin. Officer:  Erv Pribyl
Judge Advocate:  Steve Klinkner
Historian:  Paul Kafka
Sgt-at-Arms:  Denny Strassburg

To All Hands.
Here in part, is a portion of our newly elected National Commander Dan Dellinger's acceptance speech
on 29 August 2013 to the delegation.
“Some voices in the media say that we are a dying organization. I disagree, and seeing all these faces in this room today, I know you do, too. If we're going to grow, we need to step it up. We need
everyone on this construction team to lend a hand and build our membership back to our all time high.”
Dellenger announced his two membership incentive programs this year. “Any Legion family member
who signs up five new or expired members will receive a special hat pin, while any who sign up 15 or
new or expired members will receive a special coin.”
This is in no way is to take away our Membership Director Harvey's Thunder, but merely to share our
National Commander's program this year in membership. Let's keep Harvey busy as well as all our
post adjutants & membership directors in the record keeping of our recruiters bringing in the new
membership and expired members memberships.
I want to see how many hat pins will be worn, I will work to wear one, in the Solid Second. I also
want to know how many will receive the special coin..This is my goal—let it be yours also.
Commander Gene

American Legion - Department of Minnesota - Second District



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