2017 - 2018

Call to Convention

Official Convention Call to All Units of the Second District Department of Minnesota

American Legion Auxiliary


By the virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Minnesota, I, Kristen Donnelly, Second District President, do hereby call a Convention of the Second District to convene at Madelia, Minnesota on June 9, 2018.  Hosted by the American Legion Post #19 of Madelia, Minnesota.  The Auxiliary business session will meet at the Madelia Post at 8am on Saturday June 9, 2018 for the purpose of:

1.        Election of Officers

2.        Consideration of any proposed amendments to the Constitution or Standing Rules

3.        Election of Delegates and Alternates to the 2018 National Convention

4.        Receive report of the District President, Chairman and Unit President’s

5.        Conduct other business that may be brought before the Convention


     The voting strength of each Unit will be as provided in the Constitution.  Each Unit shall be entitled to two (2) delegates at the District Convention.  One of whom should be the Unit President, plus one additional delegate for each fifty (50) members or a major fraction thereof whose dues have been received by the Department Treasurer thirty (30) days prior to the meeting of the Convention for which there were elected. Each Unit shall elect its delegates.  In addition, each Unit shall elect alternate delegates to serve in the absence of delegates.  The vote of each Unit shall be equal to the register and delegates must wear their official badges in order to vote and be accorded Convention privileges.  Members of the District Executive Committee and the Past District Presidents are delegates-at-large at the Convention.

  Unit Membership                                      Delegates                                 Alternate

10-25                                                                            2                                                                2

26-75                                                                           3                                                                3

      76-125                                                                          4                                                        4

      126-175                                                                    5                                                 5

      176-225                                                                    6                                                 6

      226-275                                                                    7                                                 7

      276-325                                                                    8                                                                 8

Only Units that have remitted District Dues in full, thirty (30) days prior to the District Convention, shall be entitled to representation at the District Convention.

      All members of the American Legion Auxiliary are invited.  Your cooperation in making the Convention a success will be greatly appreciated.

   Kristen Donnelly, President                                                    Judy Ackerman, Secretary


A.     HELEN MARIE SMITH MEMBERSHIP TROPHY is a traveling trophy and shall be awarded  annually to the Unit having the highest percentage of membership quota.  Membership cutoff is one (1) week prior to District Convention.  Presentation shall be made at District Convention. Percentage will be figured by dividing Department quota into the Unit membership.

B.  FARMER-DRENGSON LEGISLATIVE PLAQUE  is a traveling plaque and is awarded annually at District Convention to the unit writing the most letters to their State and National Congressmen on American Legion concerns.  Unit must subscribe to the “Dispatch.”

C.  MARY MORSE AMERICANISM TROPHY  is a traveling trophy and shall be awarded at the District Convention to the Unit reporting the best all around Americanism program  during the year.

D.  VANLANDINGHAM POPPY PLAQUE is a traveling plaque awarded at the District Convention to the Unit having the best report on the Poppy program.

E.  CECELIA SIEBERG COMMUNITY SERVICE TROPHY  is a traveling trophy, to be engraved upon and to be presented at District Convention to the Unit with the most outstanding Community Service report, to include a narrative report of service to the community.  The winner of the trophy is to be chosen by the 2nd District Community Service Chairman.

F.  JULIA BECKEN PLAQUE FOR PUBLICATIONS  is a traveling plaque, not to be engraved upon and to be presented at District Convention to the Unit with the most outstanding report on Public Relations.  The winner will be chosen from a narrative report and it will be judged by the Second District Public Relations Chairman and presented at District Convention.

G.  AMANDA FRANCHERE PAST PRESIDENTS TROPHY  is given in honor of our Second District’s First President.  It is a traveling trophy to be presented annually at District Convention to the Unit with the best Past Presidents Parley report.


 PRESIDENT Kristen Donnelly 101 3rd St S. PO Box 236 Swea City  IA 50590 515-320-2125
 1st VICE PRESIDENT Marge Tarbill 212 12th St #303 Worthington MN 56187 507-329-1845
 2nd VICE PRESIDENT Kathy Gebel 507 East Mondale St Elmore MN 56027
Executive Committee Robin Olson 734 Cleveland Ave West Winnebago MN 56098 507-525-3790
Executive Committee Marcia Hanson 20758 State Hwy 66 Mankato MN 56001 507-345-3652
Secretary Judy Ackerman 924 Shoreacres Dr Fairmont MN 56031 507-238-2071
Treasurer             507-848-0145
Parliamentarian Vida Bacon 110 N Payne St New Ulm MN 56073 507-359-7636
Newsletter Kathy Burket PO Box 65 Belview   56214 507-938-4354


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Congratulations to Ryan Hill, the 2015-2016 2nd District Commander and to Scott Gebel the 2015-2016 SAL Commander.

 Hi, I am Darlene Breamer, your 20

Girls State Raleen Tolzmann 46590 Evergreen Lane Cleveland 56017 507-317-3240
Hi*PRESIDENT, Kathy Burket, PO Box 65,, Belview, MN, 56214, 507-938-4354/507-430-7477
*1st VICE PRESIDENT, Kristen Donnelly, 101 3rd St S. PO Box 236,, Swea City IA, 50590, 515-320-2125
*2nd VICE PRESIDENT, Marge Tarbill, Okabena Towers #301,, 212 12th St, Worthington, MN, 56187, 507-329-1845
*EXECUTIVE BOARD, Kathy Gebel (Scott), 507 East Mondale St,, P.O. Box 274, Elmore, MN, 56027
*EXECUTIVE BOARD, Jeannette Mertens (James), 909 E Elm,, Redwood Falls, MN, 56283 507-627-3868/507-828-7656
*SECRETARY/*TREASURER, Raleen Tolzmann (Curt), 46590 Evergreen Lane, Cleveland, MN, 56017,, 507-317-3240
HISTORIAN, Ruth Clarken, 508 4th Ave W, Lamberton, MN, 56152, 507-752-7798
CHAPLAIN, Vida Bacon, 110 N Payne St,, New Ulm, MN, 56073, 507-359-7636/507-276-8538
SGT-AT-ARMS, Lesley Christoffer (Dave), 78597 370th Ave, Okabena, MN, 56161,, 507-853-4496/507-370-1055
PARLIAMENTARIAN, Judy Ackerman, 924 Shoreacres Dr, Fairmont MN, 56031,, 507-238-2071/507-848-0145
*ADVISOR, Darlene Breamer, 200 Higbie Ave East Vern, Minnesota Lake, MN, 56068,, 507-462-3518/507402-0829
orary JR Aux. President, Eva Burket, Belview, MN, 56214,torian
Ruth Clarken 508 4th Ave Lamberton 56152 507-752-7798
Junior Activities Kristen Donnelly 701 3rd St N Swea City, IA 50590 515-320-2125
ary Junior President Harley Donnelly 701 3rd St N Swea City, IA 50590 515-320-2125
Leadership Judy Kumerow 19664 Hunter Ave Lamberton 56152 507-752-7209
Legislation Naomi Hill 36327 210th Brewster 56119 507-372-5043 507-370-1006
Membership Kathy Burket PO Bo 65 Belview 56214 507-938-4354 507-430-7477
Memorial Lesley Christopher 78597 370th Ave Okabena 56161 507-853-4496 507-370-1055
Memory Book Linda Drews PO Box 357 Minnesota Lake 56068 507-462-3419 507-381-0957
Music Kim Breamer 310 N 1st Ave W Truman 56088 507-40200830
National Security Sharon Vogelsang 5101 200th Ave Wells, 56097 507-553-5542 507-317-0920
Nominations Cindy Reese 91  141st Street Lake Wilson 56186 507-777-411 507-220-0366
Past Presidents Parley Charlette Zschetzsche 1311 Boxelder St Mountain Lake 56159 507-427-2410 507-220-0366
Poppy Eunice  Moldestad 37399 Co Hwy 7 Bleview 56214 507-938-4354
Public Relations Charlette Zschetzsche 1311 Boxelder St Mountain Lake 56159 507-427-2410
Veterans Affairs & Rehab Diane Strassburg 19931 121 St Magnolia 56158 507-283-8530 507-290-0011

  Board meetings are open to  anyone who wishes to attend.