2nd District President


Auxiliary Officers coming soon!

2015 - 2016

Office Officer Spouse Email Address Phone / Cell
*President Vida Bacon 507-359-7636 / 507-276-8538
*1st Vice President Darlene Breamer Vernon 507-462-3518 / 507-402-0829
*2nd Vice President Diane Strassburg Dennis 507-283-8530 / 507-290-0011
*Exec. Board Sharyon Buswitz Dave 507-335-7874
*Exec. Board Kristen Donnelly 515-320-2125
*Secretary/Treasurer Lesley Christoffer Dave 507-853-4496 / 507-370-1055
Historian Ruth Clarken 507-752-7798
Chaplain Kathy Burket 507-938-4354 / 507-430-7477
Sgt – At – Arms Vickie Milbrath Jim 507-853-4668 / 507-360-7103
Parliamentarian Judy Ackerman 507-238-2071 / 507-848-0145
*Advisor Jeannette Mertens Jim 507-627-3868

*Denotes Executive Board Members.  These are the only voting members.  Board meetings are open to  anyone who wishes to attend.

2nd District American Legion Auxiliary Chairmen – 2014-2015 


Americanism Darlene Breamer
Auxiliary Emergency Fund Gloria Lindquist  
CCSI Jean Heine
Children & Youth Mykia Lundberg
Community Service Judy Kumerow
Education Mavis Wolfgram
Election Judge Nina Schaffer
Election Tellers  Georgeen Dietz
Joan Burt
Field Service Jacqui Pribyl
Finance (2) Cindy Reese
Finance Naomi Hill
Girls State Cheryl Brown
Home Service
Junior Activities Jane Moody
Leadership Jean Heine
Legislation Rosie Wendland  
Membership Vida Bacon
Memorial Kathy Burket
Memory Book Julie Mertens
Memory Book Sydney & Madisyn Mertens
Music Connie Roessler
National Security Phyllis Postel
Nominations  (3) Cindy Reese
   Raleen Tolzmann
Past Presidents’ Parley Martha Johnson
Poppy Eunice Moldestad
Public Relations Marcia Hanson
Resolutions & By-Laws Judy Ackerman
Resolutions & By-Laws Rosie Wendland
Resolutions & By-Laws Jane Moody
Unit Development & Revitalization Charlotte Zschetzscke
Unit Development & Revitalization Cindy Reese
Veterans Affairs & Rehab Diane Strassburg

Office Officer Address City,ST,Zip Spouse email phone / cell
*PRESIDENT Vida Bacon 110 N Payne St New Ulm, MN  56283 507-359-7636/507-276-8538
*1st VICE PRESIDENT Darlene Breamer 200 Higbie Ave East Minnesota Lake, MN   56068 Vernon  507-462-3518/ 507-402-0829
*2nd VICE PRESIDENT Diane Strassburg 1993 121st St Magnolia MN 56158 Dennis 507-283-8530 / 507-290-0011
*EXECUTIVE BOARD Sharyon Buswitz 425 4th St SW Avoca MN 56114 507-335-7874
*EXECUTIVE BOARD Kristen Donnelly 701 3rd St N Swea City IA  50590  515-320-2125
*SECRETARY/*TREASURER  Lesley Christoffer 78597 370th Ave Okabena, MN  56161 Dave          507-853-4496 / 507-370-1055
HISTORIAN Ruth Clarken 508 4th Ave  W Lamberton, MN  56152 507-752-7798
CHAPLAIN                             Kathy Burket Box 65 Belview, MN  56214 507-938-4354 / 507-430-7477
SGT-AT-ARMS Vickie Milbrath 37383 820th St Okabena MN   56161 Jim 507-853-4668 / 507-360-7103
PARLIAMENTARIAN Judy Ackerman  924 Shoreacres Dr Fairmont MN 56031 507-238-2071 / 507-848-0145
*ADVISOR Jeannette Mertens 909 E. Elm  Redwood Falls, MN  56283 James  507-627-3868
Honorary JR Aux. President   Cassie Schroeder 714 Main St N Minnesota Lake MN 56068 507-462-3716

Another Mid-Winter Conference is over. I had hoped for better attendance, but that was not to be. Our District Chairmen gave reports about the mid-year progress of their programs. We were honored to have a visit from our Department President Chris Ronning, and by our Department 2nd Vice-President Carol Kottom.

President Chris spoke to us about her project, which is twofold. She is planning to supply out-door furniture and a grill for the Minneapolis Veterans Home Day Care Center. The second part of her project is the Creative Arts Festival held at both the Minneapolis Veterans Medical Center and the St. Cloud Veterans Medical Center. If you haven’t given to the Department President’s project yet, I hope you will. She has also asked the ten Districts to hold Fisher House Showers at their meetings.

Vice-President Carol is running for First Vice-President and spoke to that endeavor. She also reminded us to remember to us the names of our programs, not just the acronyms. (Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation instead of V A &R) We sometimes forget that others don’t always know what we’re talking about.

It has been announced that the American Legion Auxiliary National President will be making a stop in the Second District during her tour of Minnesota. She will be in New Ulm on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 for a noon luncheon.

What an honor to have a National Commander and a National President both visiting the Second District. The National Commander will be in New Ulm for dinner on February 4, 2015. Contact New Ulm Post 132 at 507-354-4016 to make your reservation and to make your meal choice by January 29th.

The Department Sweetheart Rally will be in Chanhassen on February7. Please get your memberships to your District contact by the6th, so we can have a good turn-in. The second renewal notices have now gone out from National so your unit members have been reminded. But, a call from you asking them to pay their dues ads a personal note and lets them know that they are an important part of your unit. Let’s keep our membership growing and remember the importance of each of our members.




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