Vida Bacon
2nd District President

Auxiliary Officers

2014 - 2015

Office Officer Spouse Email
*President Vida Bacon
*1st Vice Pres.      
*2nd Vice Pres. Darlene Breamer
*Exec. Board Merry Hollis Dave
*Exec. Board Diane Strassburg Dennis
*Secretary/Treas. Lesley Christoffer Dave
Historian Ruth Clarken
Chaplain Kathy Burket
Sgt – At – Arms Vickie Milbrath Jim
Parliamentarian Judy Ackerman
*Advisor Naomi Hill Ryan

*Denotes Executive Board Members.  These are the only voting members.  Board meetings are open to  anyone who wishes to attend.

2nd District American Legion Auxiliary Chairmen – 2014-2015 


Americanism Darlene Breamer
Auxiliary Emergency Fund Gloria Lindquist  
CCSI Jean Heine
Children & Youth Mykia Lundberg
Community Service Judy Kumerow
Education Mavis Wolfgram
Election Judge Nina Schaffer
Election Tellers  Georgeen Dietz
Joan Burt
Field Service Jacqui Pribyl
Finance (2) Cindy Reese
Finance Naomi Hill
Girls State Cheryl Brown
Home Service
Junior Activities Jane Moody
Leadership Jean Heine
Legislation Rosie Wendland  
Membership Vida Bacon
Memorial Kathy Burket
Memory Book Julie Mertens
Memory Book Sydney & Madisyn Mertens
Music Connie Roessler
National Security Phyllis Postel
Nominations  (3) Cindy Reese
   Raleen Tolzmann
Past Presidents’ Parley Martha Johnson
Poppy Eunice Moldestad
Public Relations Marcia Hanson
Resolutions & By-Laws Judy Ackerman
Resolutions & By-Laws Rosie Wendland
Resolutions & By-Laws Jane Moody
Unit Development & Revitalization Charlotte Zschetzscke
Unit Development & Revitalization Cindy Reese
Veterans Affairs & Rehab Diane Strassburg



*Denotes Executive Board Members. These are the only voting members. Board meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

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